FunShare Boat Club

Locally Owned and Operated Boat Club Membership for Seattle & Bellevue Area Residents

FunShare Boat Club

FunShare™ is Seattle’s best boating membership club — an affordable, flexible and convenient way to experience luxury boating in the northwest.

Now you can enjoy access to a fleet of new model year Cobalt, Malibu and Barletta boats without the expense or responsibility of full ownership! 

Choose between our North Lake Union or Bellevue/Newport Shores locations.

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How it works

Head to our mobile app and create your boating reservation. Choose your desired date, time, & boat type.


On your reservation day, head out to the FunShare dock. Your concierge captain will greet you upon arrival.

No hassle with prep work – your boat is fueled up, clean, and ready to go. Have fun!

Benefits & perks

With FunShare, the boating couldn’t be easier. Whether you're seeking family fun, a romantic cruise, or an exhilarating day of watersports, FunShare makes it easy to get on the water. 

If you're in the mood for watersports or tubing, simply stop by the gear shed to check out wakeboards, wakesurf boards, tubes, water skis, ropes and life vests – all provided for your enjoyment!

Watersports Gear Included

Access to high-end wakeboards, wake surf boards, tubes, water skis, ropes, life vests (even ice!)

Same Day Bookings

Want to get on the water spur of the moment? We have same-day booking options!

Hassle Free Boating

All the enjoyment of boating without the commitment of boat ownership

Pathway to Ownership

Apply up to 2 years of your Annual Program Fees to the purchase of a new boat from Seattle Boat Company!

Premium Concierge

Dedicated FunShare Captains are committed to making sure you have a blast every time you hit the water!

We Cover the Fine Print

Boating insurance, boat maintenance and moorage included with membership!

Transparent Upfront Pricing


$405/mo + tax

Annual Program Fee: $1,699


There’s no reason adventures need to wait for the weekend. The WEEKDAY Membership lets you boat M-Th, enjoying the longest boating slots of the week at our best rate.

  • Checkmark Free Tubes, Boards, Skis and More
  • Checkmark M - Th Booking
  • Checkmark 1 Named Member


$560/mo + tax

Annual Program Fee: $2,025


For the water lover who never wants to miss the boat, SINGLE Membership provides solo members the most access to boating slots on the reservation calendar.

  • Checkmark Free Tubes, Boards, Skis and More
  • Checkmark 7-Days a Week Booking
  • Checkmark 1 Named Member


$630/mo + tax

Annual Program Fee: $2,750


Provides all the same benefits and flexibility of our Shared Membership for 2 named members, at a reduced, family-friendly rate. 

  • Checkmark Free Tubes, Boards, Skis and More
  • Checkmark 7-Days a Week Booking
  • Checkmark 2 Named Members

Book a tour

Book a one-on-one tour of our facilities with a FunShare captain to tour our locations, amenities, the boats and program. 


FunShare FAQs

How does a FunShare membership work?

A member is able to reserve a club boat and go boating at their convenience without the added expense of maintenance, moorage/storage, and insurance costs.


What Type of Watersports Gear is Included in my Boat Club Membership?

Here is the gear we have stocked up for the 2023 Season! We refresh gear every year so you always have access to the best quality safety and sports accessories. 

  • Ronix Wakesurf Boards – Bat Tail Thruster, Koal Classic Fish & Fish Skim
  • Ronix Wakeboards – Parks edition
  • Radar Water Skis
  • 3 Person sit down and lay down tubes
  • Coast Guard Approved Ronix Sports Vest Supreme Mens and Daydream Womens vests
  • Straight Line tow ropes
  • Knee board
  • Kids Skis
  • Kids and Infant Life Vests
  • Anchors with 80 feet of line
  • And even ice!

What Boats are part of the club?

FunShare Boat Club always provides brand new same model year boats for our club. Every year you will get to experiences the latest models of Cobalt, Malibu and Barletta!

2023 FunShare Boats include the following models: 

  • Cobalt CS22 Runabout 22 foot Sterndrive
  • Cobalt CS23 Surf Runabout 23 foot Sterndrive
  • Malibu Wakesetter 22 LSV 22 foot V-drive
  • Barletta 23UC 25 foot Pontoon Boat

What if I want to buy my own boat?

FunShare offers a direct pathway to ownership.  You may put up to two years of your paid Annual Program Fees toward the purchase of a new boat with Seattle Boat Company.

We will be happy to introduce you to one of our Sales Professionals, just let us know!

Why the Annual Program Fee?

These fees cover a fraction of the cost of licensing, maintenance, storage, service and repair to FunShare boats as well as contribute to maintaining required coast card safety equipment, lines, anchors, buoys, and water sports equipment.

A special value of your FunShare membership – apply up to two years of paid program fees to a new boat purchase at Seattle Boat Co.*

*Some restrictions apply.

What are the different FunShare membership options?

WEEKDAY; One Named Member and one other pre-approved designated person ("Operator") are the sole Operators of the boat. This Solo Member can make four (4) boating reservation on the calendar at a time from Monday-Thursday.

SINGLE; One Named Member and one other pre-approved designated person ("Operator") are the sole Operators of the boat. This Solo Member can make up to four (4) boating reservations on the calendar at one time.

SHARED; Up to three Named Members plus up to three pre-approved designated people are the Operators. Members share four (4) boating reservations on the calendar at a time.

FAMILY; All the benefits of our "Shared" membership, at a reduced rate. You and Your Spouse are the Named Members and 2 other family members can become pre-approved designated Operators of the vessel. Named Members share four (4) boating reservation at a time.

*Named Members must be present on FunShare boat outings for all member categories. Members must be 25 years old or older; Operators must be 18 years of age or older. Get more details on FunShare Rates.

Do Age Restrictions apply?

Boaters of ALL AGES can ride in a FunShare boat. Named MEMBERS must be 25 years of age or older. Pre-approved OPERATORS must be 18 years of age or older.

What is included in the membership?

The use of the FunShare boats, water sports equipment, moorage, storage, maintenance, insurance, cleaning and caring for the boats. Your only additional cost is Fuel. Plus, for every named member, you may have one additional named Operator who may drive the boat. Operators may not check out boats on their own; named members are required to be on the boat at all times.

Are there any reservations restrictions I should be aware of?

All memberships have four (4) reservations on the calendar at any time, one of the reservations may be a Weekend Reservation (Sat/Sun). Shared memberships may hold two (2) confirmed Weekend Reservations, just not on the same weekend. You may also add additional time, same-day, on a first come first serve basis, depending on availability.

What are my responsibilities as a FunShare member?

You must be 25 years of age or older to be a Member and have proper training to operate the boat safely, obtain your Washington State Boater Education Card and pay your monthly fees on the first day of each month for each contract period. Also, it is important members treat the boat and equipment as if it were your own assuring all members an enjoyable experience. You are responsible for any damage including the first $2,500 cost of any repairs upon each occurrence. You must follow the waterways rules of local, state and federal agencies and abide by all FunShare rules and regulations. You must BE SAFE.

What boats are in the program?

FunShare offers the best boats in town! The FunShare fleet includes award-winning, best-in-class, brand new model year Cobalt cruisers boats, Malibu surf boats, and Barletta Pontoons.

How often are the boats serviced and replaced?

The boats are serviced on regular intervals based on engine hours of use. All recommended services will be done as outlined by the manufacturers. Boat will be replaced likely every year or 2 depending on engine hours of each boat.

What happens if I damage the boat?

You are responsible for ALL damage and the first $2,500 per occurrence.

Who can go boating with me?

Your friends and family!  Up to the maximum capacity rating* for the boat – never exceed this. Remember, Members and their pre-designated and trained additional Operators are the only ones allowed to drive the boat.

*The Cobalt CS22 is rated for 12 persons or a maximum of 1,695 lbs. persons and gear. The Malibu 22 LSV is rated for 14 persons (no weight maximum is specified), comes with 3 Ballast Tanks (to adjust the wake), Board Rack and Cruise control.

What makes FunShare Boating Club by Seattle Boat Co. unique and better?

There are so many reasons FunShare is the best boat club in Washington!

  • We only supply the best brands in the industry, and all boats are the latest model year. We take pride in having the best fleet in the PNW.
  • We provide a generous, flexible reservation calendar. Unlike other programs, average reservations for members are secured one to two weeks prior to outings, and we often have same-day availability. We maintain our generous calendar by only allowing a limited amount of members into our program each season.
  • Our friendly FunShare Captains and marina staff are there for you every step of the way, making each launch simple and stress-free.
  • Seattle Boat Co. is a full service operation, conveniently providing on-site fuel dock amenities and a service department with trained technicians maintaining our fleet.
  • Our marina locations are unbeatable– enjoy easy access to Lake Washington, Lake Union or the Puget Sound
  • Seattle Boat Co. is a trusted and award-winning local boating company. With over 35 years of experience, our marine industry knowledge is unmatched. We are dedicated to creating fun and memorable experiences for you and your family!

What are the hours of operation?

Hours of operation vary per season (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.) A live, updated schedule is conveniently located on our member online reservation scheduler. Boats must be back no later than dusk.

How do I schedule a reservation?

We make it easy! Our reservation calendar is available on your mobile device or desktop. Simply enter your login and passcode and select your reservation in advance. We provide a comment box where you can requests any special amenities, including watersports gear, from our FunShare shack. Once you complete one reservation, you can schedule your next reservation immediately.

Contact (for the Lake Union site) or (for the Newport site) for assistance on same-day reservations.

How do I cancel a reservation?

If prior to the reservation start time, simply cancel the reservation online using the reservation calendar.

If your reservation start time has passed, you will require assistance in canceling and rescheduling your reservation. Please contact (for the Lake Union site) or (for the Newport site) to make same day changes.

Can I book same day?

Yes, absolutely. Contact the FunShare Concierge Captains for same day availability: (for the Lake Union site) or (for the Newport site). You will receive a response within one hour.

My morning reservation is rained out, but it will be sunny this afternoon. Can I move my reservation?

Yes, depending on boat availability. If your reservation start time has passed, you will require assistance in canceling and rescheduling your reservation. Please contact (for the Lake Union site) or (for the Newport site) to make same day changes.

How long is my commitment?

Each contract will be for a one year period and renewable each year thereafter.

I am interested. What do I need to do and how long is the membership approval process?

To get started, complete our digital membership form by clicking here.

Once you have completed the form, we will schedule your on-water orientation with our trained staff.  This usually takes 1-2 hours, depending on your comfort level.  You may always schedule additional orientation time as needed, for the lifetime of your membership. 

As a member, do we own part of a boat?

No. The boats are owned and maintained by the company.